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Last Updated: Mar 08, 2017 12:09PM CST
In Taps To Riches, there are Advisors that can be earned through spinning the Advisor Wheel. Here is a screenshot in game of where you can spin for the Advisors.

Advisors can also be purchased in the shop. Each day will have a new set of Advisors available for purchase. Included is a screenshot of the Shop showing Advisors that are available for purchase.

A total of Three Advisors can be equipped to help you in game. Advisors can increase the speed at which a business matures, increase the effectiveness of Bizbots, decrease the costs of upgrading specific businesses, and much more!

The colored border around the Advisor portrait indicate their rarity with a Grey Border being the most common Advisor to Orange being the most rare Advisors. The rarer the Advisor, the more powerful they are!

Collecting the same Advisor over and over again is also not a bad strategy! Advisors can be upgraded by doing this very thing. When upgrading an Advisor through collecting or purchasing an Advisor you already own, the Advisor's ability is increased as well as their passive bonus of increasing your profits that are generated. 

Advisor abilities do stack, so pay attention to what each advisor does in order to find the best synergy for you! On the map, businesses affected by particular advisors will have a white Advisor icon within the Maturation Bar (Business Progress Bar). Underneath the icon of the Business is a grey Business Type icon. Tapping this grey icon will show a small menu with the name of the Business, the portraits of the Advisors that are affecting this business, and how the Advisors are affecting the business. Check this screenshot for additional details.

As always, if you have any questions about Advisors or Taps To Riches in general, please hit the Send Us Feedback button in the Settings Menu and let us know!
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