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How to Play!

Last Updated: Jan 18, 2016 02:27PM CST
Brick Breaker Hero! is easy to learn and fun to play, fans! Let's take a look at the basics, and then move on to some more advanced tactics!

First and foremost, open up the game and hit play! You'll see the mundane origins of our hero, and get ready for the first level!
The first level of Boa is easy-peasy--just the jumpstart you need to be the hero that the land deserves!Just tap "play" on the level screen to get started destroying some shrubberies! You'll see the locked areas for powerups--no need to worry about those, we'll get to them later. For now, just worry about getting rid of those bricks!                                  


Put your thumb in the lower part of the screen and tap to shoot, hold to aim.
It's easy enough, fans--just put your thumb in the lowest part of the screen. Either tap to shoot a ball off straightaway, or hold to aim your ball just right. The dotted line shows where the ball will go, so feel free to test bounces and strategize! 

After you've aimed your ball, just focus on keeping it bouncing! Use your thumb to move your avatar around the screen, and make sure the ball hits the shield. As you play, you'll find that hitting the ball on different parts of the shield aims the ball in different directions--use this to your advantage! The longer you can keep that ball moving, the quicker it moves, and the faster you can take down those pesky plants!

SUCCESSCatch any stars that the destroyed bricks produce--they increase your final score! Grab as many as you can when succeed and take down that hedge. When you're finished, check out your final score and voila! You know how to play Brick Breaker Hero! Check out our other articles for info on specifics!
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