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How to Play Paplinko

Last Updated: May 07, 2015 04:05PM CDT
Grab your phone and get ready to go--we're about to drop some balls and raise a multiplier! Playing Paplinko is as easy as can be, fans. Just tap anywhere in the drop zone at the top of the phone to drop a ball: you can also aim by dragging and releasing your finger. 

If your ball lands successfully in a cup, you get points, experience points as well as whatever item is in the cup--including prizes and bonus boxes! The experience points will gain you levels and rewards. Landing in the cup also collects the entire score that each ball acquires by bouncing around the board! You get more points each time a ball hits a peg and double points for making a peg disappear! Your multiplier will increase your score even more, but watch out! The purple slime will reset your multiplier and the green slime will cut your score in half!

Prizes can be traded in for bonuses, and you can grab boxes full of puzzle pieces to figure out what Plink's been up to lately!
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